“Our friend Lazarus is sleeping. I will go and awaken him.”
John 11:11

The November Loving Wisdom Evening will be on Saturday, November 10th. For those of you who are interested in numerology, the year 2018 adds up to an 11 (2+0+1+8). November is the 11th month, and on the evening of the 10th day in Rhode Island, it will already be the 11th day in Asia, Europe, and the UK. So that makes it an 11-11-11.

11 is considered a master number and is often described as the gateway. The theme for the evening will be AWAKENING, which is going from one state of being to another. What is it that you would like to move into? And what are you ready to now leave behind? What has been there all along that you may have been asleep to and not seen? If you could open your eyes and truly see, what would be clear to you?

Join us for some sacred time at Mimi’s place in Narragansett on this special evening.
5:00 pm potluck
6:00 pm program begins. (Ruth begins on time)

Ken will be there with his inspiring music, and Ruth will facilitate the evening of communication experiences. There will be a guided meditation, inspired messages through both wordless sound and spoken words, and, of course, a talk and Q&A with the Wise Loving Ones – those who are there to help and assist us in spirit.

Who communicates with us is different on different evenings. Usually, there are 4-5 different spokespersons who communicate on each evening.

If you need directions, please contact Ruth via email or on Facebook.
Email: spiritualmedium1@gmail.com