Loving Wise Ones

Messages from Loving Wise Ones in Spirit

Richmond – April 13, 2018

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Wise Guidance & Inspiration Evening

April 5, 2018 – CHHA, Richmond, VA

Loving Wise Ones speaking through Ruth Shilling

Click on individual posts for the complete transcriptions of what was spoken that evening.

Blog-Banner-Richmond2018-3rCHHA #1 : Love & Connecting with Spirit

Excerpt: For at the core of any worthwhile interchange (what you would call a relationship), love is that frequency that runs back and forth. It’s, in a way, the phone line and phone all at once.

Basic Concepts:

  • As much as you may desire us, we also desire you.
  • Love: the power of desire to connect in a way which brings benefit.

Blog-Banner-Richmond2018-1rCHHA #2 : Dissatisfaction as An Indicator to Expand

Excerpt: Whenever you endeavor to bring a broader, greater, more vibrant energy into your life, one will tend to look around oneself and say, “Well, I don’t like this or that, or this is holding me back or this cannot bring me benefit.” These kinds of things. We would just point out that this is indeed a healthy feeling, for it is just an indicator that you are ready to expand. You are ready to be more than you were allowing yourself to be, or maybe had the opportunity to be beforehand.

Basic Concepts:

  • When you begin to feel a bit of dissatisfaction, this can be an indicator that there is a part of you that has already moved forward, and is saying to the rest of you, “Come on, come on, let’s go.”
  • Once you recognize that it is an indicator, you can call on us or any helpful beings to say, “OK, so I’m not feeling so satisfied with this job. What can I do about that?”

Blog-Banner-Richmond2018-5rCHHA #3 : Forgiveness-1, The Child Self

Excerpt: Maturity is a good thing, but the child aspect of ourselves also holds special keys that are not as accessible to this mature adult. And those keys are worth spending some time making space for.

Basic Concepts:

  • The ability to let something go because one is in the present, rather than ruminating over the past, can be a big benefit with our own forgiveness.

Blog-Banner-Richmond2018-7rCHHA #4 : Forgiveness-2, Personal Sovereignty & The Will

Excerpt: So what actually is forgiveness? Is forgiveness saying, well it doesn’t matter what happened to me? Probably not. Because it does matter. It happened and it is in your experience now and it will never be not in your experience because it has happened. So how to come to terms with it in such a way that it does not become a shackle around your ankles that inhibits your ability to run with life? How to achieve this?

Basic Concepts:

  • Non-forgiveness inhibits our freedom.  It inhibits your ability to run with life.
  • “Having forgiveness take place” vs. trying to make it make it happen.
  • When you choose to take your sovereignty, you can choose that you want to be free.
    • You choose, and then your mind finds out what you just chose and repeats it to yourself.
  • Learning the difference between when this is coming from the core of yourself and when it is coming from ideas that you put together and then try to impose on that.
  • The will needs to be ignited. Your focus will make that flame grow. The focus is your power.
  • The choices that you make here now are broadcast throughout the largeness of who and what you truly are, for you are much more than this physical experience.

Blog-Banner-Richmond2018-4rCHHA #5 : Dealing with Non-Supportive Friends & Family

Excerpt: There is a shared reality that you participate with. So if everyone around you is saying “left” and you are feeling “right,” it’s going to be extremely difficult for you to go right, rather than left.

Basic Concepts:

  • There is a shared reality that you participate with. So if everyone around you is saying “left” and you are feeling “right,” it’s going to be extremely difficult for you to go right, rather than left.
  • “One drop of joy can neutralize oceans of fear, pain, and sorrow.” One little conversation with someone who gets you can be a lifeline that can keep you afloat.
  • Keep looking for opportunities where you can have like-attracts-like, like-minds, like-hearts. And you will find them everywhere.
  • Every time you have an interaction with a friend who gets you, that’s an investment in the true beauty of yourself.


CHHA #6 : Determining Your Life’s Purpose 

Excerpt: This is all wonderful philosophical stuff, right? But let’s be a little more practical as well. Usually when you talk about “What’s my purpose?” it’s like, “I’m here. Let’s do it in a way that’s really to the greatest benefit all the way around.” Would you agree? (yes) So whatever is going to benefit you in your own path and also everybody else. Wouldn’t that be nice? That would be a good purpose, wouldn’t it? How do you suppose you’d figure out what that is?

Basic Concepts: 

  • Within the question (How do you determine your life’s purpose?) is the assumption that there is a life purpose.
  • There isn’t any way not to do your life’s purpose, because your life’s purpose was to be, and you are.
  • We share a common purpose: to transcend the experience of duality.
  • Possible purpose: “I want to see what it feels like.”
  • In the last lifetime, I just made a mess of this particular thing, and I want to go back and have another shot at it.
  • Somebody might have a particular family member that you have a soul relationship with and you came in to play a role with them.
  • The point that we are actually trying to make here is that chances are it’s not a singular thing. You are much more than that. You are a multifaceted being, and every single facet of you has its own purpose that is going on simultaneously right now.
  • Whatever is going to benefit you in your own path and also everybody else.
  • If you had a focus of, “I want to live my purpose.” What do you suppose would happen? (I would live my purpose.) There you go. It can’t be that simple! (laughter) 

Blog Banner-Richmond2018-6b copyCHHA #7 : Sharing Our Spirituality with Others, What It’s Like for the Guides, Serving Others

Excerpt: The offerings are many and constant, and the reception of those offerings are minuscule. But that does not stop us, for the pure joy and ecstasy that we feel whenever one is received far outweighs. There is no way we will ever stop.

Basic Concepts:

  • It’s not the spirituality itself so much as the forms — how to make this available to others.
  • Tried and it wasn’t successful. And when that happened, did you feel that you were wrong somehow? That you must have done it wrong, that it wasn’t accepted? (yes) Imagine how we feel, huh? All the effort we go to to help all of you. And how much of it do you suppose gets through? The offerings are many and constant, and the reception of those offerings are minuscule. But that does not stop us.
  • You are not alone in the rejection of some of your attempts to bring Spirit to everyday people.
  • When you accept more and more of what we offer to you, you are creating a vibration of acceptance. And when you then offer to someone else, the chances that they will be able to accept will be far increased.
  • Many avenues can be explored. When one clicks, keep going.
  • Celebrate whenever there is something where the key finds the lock.



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